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Coaching of athletes involves the building core strengh and the development of technique. 


For young athletes, the building of core stength is critical. Without that core strength the ability to learn and develop new motor skills is limited.  Young bodies must also be ready to accept some conditioning. It is for this reason that Little Athletics recommends that athletes under the age of nine do not engage in conditioning exercises & training. General physical activities during play time at school and at home are enough for their bodies.

our coaches

Springwood Sharks has a mission to ensure our athletes can 'be their best'.

We have a number of qualified coaches that are involved in the weekly competition days (just look for the green shirts).   Our club also will training for parents interested in coaching (numbers permitting) - just speak to us if interested

training schedule

Springwood maintains relationships with a range of highly qualified external coaches that offer additional squad and individual coaching (additional costs involved)


Tony Baker - Flying Eagles: Middle Distance, Distance, Cross Country, Steeplechase, recreational running and Triathlons - 0419 672537 email

John and Lisa Crouch - Cheetahs: Sprints, Jumps, Throws, Hurdles 0409 897581

Brad Schofield - Academy of Speed: Sprints, Middle Distance, Cross Country - 0449 090 594 (SMS only) email

Tracey Tuia - High Jump; Long Jump; Triple Jump - 0405 711 775 email

Rachel McBryde - Horizontal Jumps, Throws -
0402 114 051 email

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