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The A B C's of Springwood Sharks - Week 6 Newsletter

Thursday 12 October 2023

The A .. B ... C's of Springwood Sharks

I am going to try and write this as creatively (and politely) as possible and I really hate leading off with these sort of messages. Springwood operates using a simple ABC.


The A is for assistance extends to our Age Parent helpers, Canteen, uniform and all operations. This is your center and it will only run as well as you allow it, Please consider stepping up beyond just assisting your athletes - the more people we get helping us, the more assistance we can roster and you don't need to rely on a small group missing all their athlete's events so you can view yours every week.

We REALLY need everyone's assistance to keep the program flowing. This starts at 5:00pm .... If you are at the oval, don't just stand around the outside waiting for the evening to start, as it might not start on time if we cant get it set up - there is plenty to do, just look for a person in a committee uniform and we can find you a job (both big and small) to assist us . Last week I witnessed a mother and an U11 athletes taking ALL the event trollies around the oval to the stations - if 3 or 4 people assisted - this is done in 5 minutes not 30 minutes. Please if you can - come early and assist.

We also would REALLY love to see an increase in the number of members assisting on the track - again it means our starters, start line marshals and finish line processing can occasionally see their own athletes on a Friday night - all training is provided and it is a simple process - the more help we get, the more we can roster you on/off so you do see your athletes.


Springwood strongly supports athletes trying to 'Be their best' every time they run, jump and throw. As a community we should all be supportive of ALL, no matter where they are on their Athletics journey,

Unfortunately, I have to add another B word - BALLS. Due to safety concerns, we have had to completely BAN the use of any ball (massage balls excepted) on the oval during the centre evening. There are far too many people on the oval and all on the field should have their minds on their surroundings and competition not fielding a monster bomb from a football.


Yes I have used 'C' for two words but they are related. I must draw everyone's attention to our Codes of Conduct that EVERYONE is operating under.

We take breeches of these codes seriously. The other 'C' is communication - please be mindful in how you engage with other athletes/parents/officials at all times. I will point out that all codes address the way we speak to each other - PLEASE read them.

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