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Email Newsletter - 6 October

Well last Friday night was pretty spectacular, lot of smiling faces and excited athletes eager to make a start on the season. We managed to get through a portion of the program before we were treated to a great light show and a bit of rain .... Many thanks to the parents that assisted us in packing up quickly.

In a case of deja vu, we will return to the oval this Friday night for a retake of our season opening and will be running the same program as last week.

We will see our Tiny Tots (from 5:30pm) - if you are part of this group you will gather at the back of the equipment sheds in the Tiny Tots area. Other ages will gather at age baskets on the oval ... Please aim to be a bit early so we can start on time (6:00pm).

Again we ask that if you haven't finalised your registration (ie picked up competition numbers etc), to avoid queues and long delays, take your athlete out to the appropriate age basket and then come and see us throughout the evening.

We also strongly suggest you join our closed Facebook group - this will ensure that you are up to date with the latest information



Throughout the season, there are opportunities for athletes to compete against other centre with a range of carnivals and competitions on offer. Nomination can be done through your Results HQ portal or at the clubhouse.

Coming up

Caboolture Carnival -

Saturday 16 October (nominations close 11 October 9:00 AM )

LAQ Coles Summer Carnival -

Saturday 23 October (nominations close 11 October 9:00 AM)


Regional Relays coming up on Saturday November 13 at Sheldon College (Taylor Road Sheldon). We have added an internal 'nomination only' event to allow you to nominate athletes through Results HQ (Ignore the NORDIC SPORT REGIONAL RELAYS you might see - you want the SPRINGWOOD REGIONAL RELAY Nominations) but we can take nominations and payment at the clubhouse over the next few weeks. Nominations for Relay teams will close by 29 October but we ask you all to nominate early to allow us to form relay teams in time.Please note U14s - U17s have the opportunity to nominate for the Regional team for 4 x 100m and Medley relay (200m, 200m, 400m, 800m). Selection order preference is U17, U16, U15, U14 and will be based on club personal bests as at 30 October)The cost of the event is still to be advised and further information will be distributed once available.

We have prepared a basic FAQ on relays here for you to read through:



PLEASE NOTE - Springwood's wet weather process

Our set up crew will assess field conditions (normally around 4:30 - 5:00pm on Friday. We will communicate any changes via our Facebook page.


a) Help - we will need as much assistance with each age group to both control the athletes and ensure the events are run efficiently (Age Marshall, Recording, spiking, measuring, collecting equipment, crowd control). Remember, if you are not assisting, you are required to be outside of the oval. b) No matter if you are helping or not - you are all responsible for the safety of both yourself, your athletes and all other members at the centre - always be aware of your surroundings - where/when are the throws, jumps, track events happening. With large numbers on the oval, we really need ALL to maintain awareness. Although its great to see athletes running around, we all need to ensure that they are running in the correct places ie on the track in a race, not in the discus quadrant or around high jump mats.


Canteen -

Our canteen will be operational throughout the season, offering a range of snacks and meals to purchase.

NOTE - the canteen is run by volunteers. This season, to assist the canteen co-ordinators, we are rostering 2 helpers from the age groups to assist them. All training is provided - and we only need 1 volunteer from each group

Competition Evening #1 -

Under 11 Boys

Under 11 Girls

If you want to step up for the age group - just contact us ASAP.




it was great to see athletes getting out at our training sessions. We have a full program of Centre coaching for October (which is included in registration costs).

You can see our current October Coaching calendar below. As always, please watch our Facebook page for last minute alterations to the schedule.


Coach Rach

Thanks to Little Athletics New South Wales for this video

October Coaching Schedule


Welcome our returning corporate supporter

Springwood is excited to continue its relationship with Nu-Pure Beverages. Nu-Pure Beverages assist us by donating all our bottled water requirements for the season season.

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